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Many local businesses and marketers have been adapting SEO to improve their visibility in search engines and target specific regions for more relevant results. Nowadays it becomes vital for the businesses, especially brick and mortar businesses to target local marketers and improve local search presence to gain benefit for the business. Local SEO and Hyperlocal SEO helps businesses to bridge that gap by providing information about their products and services in their local area and attain brand awareness and recognition from nearby audiences.


Local SEO is an important marketing technique that focuses on ensuring your business to appear on search engines whenever users search for that particular product or service located in that town or city or nearby that specific location.This way it becomes easier for the business to sell product and services and build focused links within the local area.
On the other hand Hyper Local SEO is similar to Local SEO targeting smaller, more focused prospective customers in a very specific geographical area such as neighborhoods, towns, streets, and spots located near well-known landmarks.


1. Most of the consumers these days type “near me” to search for their services or products, hyperlocal SEO made it easier for the foot traffic to buy from the businesses nearby their area.
2. This call-to-action button has increased the chance to recognize the particular site and boost up business as it directs the consumer to buy desired products and ranks higher in search engines due to its proximity.
3. It accomplishes the website and marketing strategies because of the tremendous online visibility. Boosts local online reputation in a cost – efficient way.


1. Keywords It is a basic element which helps display the business to local crowds online,trying to make it more specific and relevant .
2. Business Address Mention the exact address to link the particular search with the service business provide.This helps in flashing the information several times and place the website among the top search list.
3. Insert Details in Directories Insert your detailed business information like name, address, contact number,latitude and longitude of particular business location in several directories .This helps to verify information in a better way
4. Include Schema Including Markup, necessary information and action calling button on google increase the local trafficking and helps boost business.
5. NAP Name, Address Phone Number must be same across all platforms


It is easy to perform hyperlocal SEO to increase the online presence of any physical store. There are three ways to do this:

Google My Business Page
Primarily, make sure to register your business in Google My Business Page. By signing-up you can mention your name, address , contact number , services you provide, product description and much more related information.The more thorough your listing is , the better response you are likely to get from consumers looking for that product or services in that area.Its important to choose the precise category for your business to add quality and make it easier for the Google Algorithm to select you for a local search.
If you have your business in multiple locations , make sure to create separate listings for each location page for better results.

Citation Building on Other Business Listing SItes
The finest idea for citation building is to look for the options of other local business listings depending on factors such as domain age, industry competition and business profile to generate more link and drive foot traffic who are geographically close by.

Regular Post Images and Other Details
Posting regular images ,videos , infographics or audio about your business products and services creates awareness and builds strong customer relationships with consumers of that vicinity. It is also advisable to provide all the detailed information about the business products and services like its name, specification and location for better visibility and ranking for local search .


Every business should now opt for the new way of doing business and leverage Hyperlocal SEO marketing if they have a local business and they want to target consumers near their proximity and to boost their sales and revenue.

If you are not that sure to perform Local SEO then you can hire a digital marketing agency to increase your business presence online.

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