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Profitable online businesses rely on relevant website traffic. Web Traffic is important because when more people visit your site it increases the chance of your website’s visibility in search engines. Here , keywords play a major role in boosting web traffic.Relevant and targeted keywords build strong foundations in getting web traffic. Keywords assist people in searching for the answer they are looking for as quickly as possible.


1. Right Research is the key
To write valuable content with strong keywords it is essential to research related and strong keywords to bring traffic to your sites naturally.There are various tools and techniques for finding relevant keywords that you might be consider to your blog posts or articles like Moz Keyword Explorer, Semrush, Ubersuggest and Google Adwords Keyword Tool .These great tools allow you to find relevant keywords and also give a sight on your competitors target words or phrases they are using to bring traffic.

2. Keyword Analysis
It is quite easy to search for the keyword but are these keywords relevant to what people are actually searching? How competitive and high quality rank is this keyword? Are you targeting the niche keyword or a keyword with a low search volume?. It is necessary to identify the answer of these questions before keyword placement. It’s going to be a battle but if you win , it will be better for high-converting traffic.

3. Types of keywords
keywords are categorized to make it convenient for the writer to identify the best target keyword for the content. It includes – informational keywords, navigational keywords, branded keywords, seasonal keywords and so on. This helps in carefully building your website content and discovering a user’s intention behind making a search.

4. Focus on Target Keywords
Always use keywords that are appropriate and not generic. You make it more likely that “white casual shirts” will give you a higher rank in search engines than the most generic and competitive keyword “casual shirts” . People searching for the most specific keywords are more likely to buy that product or service than the people searching for the generic keywords, who are still figuring out what they want to buy .

5. Right placement of keywords
Placing Keywords strategically at the right place throughout the content have a huge importance in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . Always include your primary keyword in the post title, meta description, the first paragraph of the post and with a 1% to 2% density of the entire post. Secondary keywords should limit upto 1% density of the entire blog posts or article. This makes it easier for the search engine and user to identify the topic of the content.

6. Internal Links in the Posts
inking keywords with your site or product or service is good blogging etiquette and useful in getting profitable results if the bounce rate of your blog is high. People land to your website from the post , if you have shared your post to the social media channels. And if you have linked the keyword with your product or service it gets easier for the customer to reach and discover how your business can help them.

7. Optimize Results
ith the placement of most converting keywords it’s now time to keep a track and optimize content. Analyze whether content is visible and accessible for search engines, tracking bounce rate and keyword strategy to achieve high traffic and conversions.


By adopting these main keyword tips , you can ensure high traffic and ranking in Search Engine Result Page , this will further lead to good conversion rate. It’s always better to convert 70-80% of your website traffic from 20-30% of your keywords .Thus, try to focus on targeted keyword strategy for better performance.

It’s now time to check your progress!!

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