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The entire world is turning towards the internet for knowledge, information, research, shopping, and whatnot. Over the past few years, we have seen enormous growth in the fields of e-commerce and online shopping.

Global B2C e-commerce sales are over $4.5 trillion currently which shows how big the market is and the potential it possesses. Companies are now clamoring to market their products and services on the internet to utilize this opportunity and get access to audiences online.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used for all marketing efforts using the internet or digital technologies. It is all the different forms of marketing that are done online. With the exponentially increasing population using the internet online, digital marketing has become extremely important for every company and business.
No matter the size of the business or whether it is a brick-and-mortar business or e-commerce company, all of them need to have an online presence. Digital marketing is no longer an option it is a compulsion now. Digital marketing comprises organic marketing and advertising.


Digital advertising is a subset of digital marketing where the company puts up advertisements on the internet to reach its target audience. Companies need to invest money to put up these ads as per their requirements. When a company runs their advertisement online to promote their products, services, business, or brand, they are engaging in online advertising.
Digital advertising can be divided into three main types –
1. Pay-per-click Search Ads like AdWords search ads
2. Display Ads like Banner ads, static ads, pop-ups, etc.
3. Social ads like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Suggested posts on Facebook also qualify as social ads.

Digital advertising is one of the different parts of digital marketing which includes content marketing, search engine, email marketing, and more. Digital advertising features in the promotion stage of the digital marketing mix when to inform the target audience about the products and services of any company.


Online users generally consider digital advertising as a nuisance since they interrupt their browsing or pose as a security threat or reduce speed. Companies should keep in mind these issues while creating digital advertising in such a way that they are perceived as healthy and friendly to the target audience.
Following is the list of benefits that digital advertising can bring to any business:

1. Drive Sales
Digital advertising is one of the most effective methods for companies to increase sales and boost return on investment (ROI). As per research, companies receive an almost three-times return on their digital advertising spending.
If the advertisements are optimized and target the right audience it is a guaranteed way for companies to increase their sales.

2. Improve brand awareness
A pay-per-click campaign can bring your products or services in front of the target audience through a search that helps in improving brand awareness. Increasing Customer and prospect engagement and interest depends on the quality and creativity of the advertising campaign.
A high-quality creative advertisement helps drive more traffic to the website which in turn helps with brand awareness and sales. A highly engaging content strategy helps attract more audiences towards the brand and create an identity for the audience.

3. Reach Target Audience
Digital advertising is the right way for any company to reach its target audience. All platforms provide options for companies to specify their target audience so that the advertisement is targeted. In this way, the efforts and budget for digital advertising campaigns are utilized in an optimum way without any wastage.
It is also important to target the correct online media channels like social media platforms or search ad displays to be able to reach the correct audience. The average time spent on the internet is increasing daily which has made digital advertising an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy.


Digital advertising has become a crucial part of digital marketing. It allows businesses to reach the right people in the right way. Businesses can use organic posts and search to reach a certain number of users. But a combination of organic and paid digital advertising helps businesses reach a bigger audience.
A digital marketing campaign is incomplete without digital advertising.

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